ET-Map: Supply Night (Final)

19.01.2009 : 12:40

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Allied intelligence has discovered that the Axis forces are temporarily storing a large shipment of gold at a supply depot near the German border. The Allies have to drive a truck into the supply depot to steal the big ass crate of gold using a crane. The Axis have to defend the Depot and protect the gold till the end of aggression.


  • map's lighting (the night theme)
  • truck has the health bar (it's destructible/repairable now)
  • the truck stops few metres away from the gates
  • MG42 bunker & tunnel's entrance
  • new, modified from supply3 piece of bunker in the base
  • 2 glass windows in the base, near crane controls (undestroyable)
  • ammo/hp cabinets (axis base)
  • spawn protections over the sky - (off by default)
  • some door & window frames are wider
  • mine protection (can't arm a landmine near allies' primary spawn)
  • more spawns (better possitions up to 28 vs 28)
  • clock is set to 20 minutes
  • new textures
  • more clipping
  • corona lighting (except tunnels)
  • and many small things...


  • the broken-for-artillery roof in axis' supply depot
  • scripting (details in the .script file)
  • gold's loading process (pure animation)

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