ET-Map: Capture the Box (Final / Fixed)

05.01.2009 : 06:56

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This is an arena style map. Some in the stratosphere close to an unknown deserted planet you can find a strange looking spaceship. Both allies and axis must bring 6 boxes in total from the top floor to the basement. The team who delivers all 6 boxes as first wins and controls over the spaceship. Play as a team, use some tactics and frag like hell in this arena style map.


The previous version had FPS lags.


Capture your own box and defend the box of the opposit team and bring them to the basement. The first team who delivers all 6 boxes as first will win the game.


  • Gravity changed to 600 (it is better for the game to play without double jump).
  • Map includes now: a skybox, a tracemap and new lights values.
  • Teleport to the other spawn isnt there anymore.
  • More ammo places near spawn + a new reveal time of 2 seconds.
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