ET-Minimod: NoQuarter Sylvester-Mod v1.1

30.12.2008 : 09:43
Sylvester mod for NQ based on -|PS|-pancake & eCo|ischbinz' Sylvester Mod.


--> NoQuarter Sylvester-Mod v1.1

Version 1.1 change:

  • the champagne rocket added to panza/bazooka instead of mortar with the sounds and popup messages


  • crackers nade (with fixed axis crackers first person view)
  • champagne shells for mortar
  • champaing.wav to champaing mortar shell explosion
  • popup message for the modded weapons
  • increased "crackers" damage
  • icons and hud indicators for the modded nade
  • few changes to make compatible with xmas pack
  • fixed a bug when the axis have red nade for axis rifle
  • few fix to make compatible with xmas pack
  • the pack can be used togheter with xmas pack!

Not used from the original mod because of xmas mod:

  • knife (xmas mod have + error msg in console)
  • medpack
  • ammo (texture error with big and hugh nq ammopacks)

|>B<|Molotov via PM