ET-Map: Glider Panzerduel 1.0.1 (LowGrav)

20.12.2008 : 18:44

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There are no objectives, this map is intended for team panzer deathmatch. Each team can select any of their 5 spawn points, some of which are shared with the enemy. Respawn times are set to 12 secs for both teams, and recharge times are twice as quick than usual. There are unlimited ammo boxes dotted around the map to provide constant ammo supply. There are no obstructive doors, and nothing to build. The glider is pre-built. It has been provided with an entrance on both sides. The glider can be flown by anyone, and can be shot down by any weapon. When it completes its flight a new one is immediately created at the outpost. The slope has been modified at the ruins to allow players to climb up. Also the ramp is pre-built. The map time limit is arbitrarily set to 30 mins, and will end with an Axis victory.
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