ET-Map: Fueldump Christmas (Final)

06.12.2008 : 15:18

~ Download ~
Avoc reworked fueldump a bit, the map is npow set into a snowy silent-night scenario with christmas decoration. He also added a few extras into the map like new buildings and smaller changes for the map itself. Allies have to blow up a gigantic snowman instead of the fueldump.


|>B<|Molotov released a scriptfix wich prevents the server is crashing when allies try to autospawn at CP, because some spawnplaces was missing. He added the missing spawnplaces and a few other minor tweaks from ETpro (like 2nd Axis spawn at the truck and a bit more).

Like always, the scriptfix is added into the downloadfile, so please download the map anew so you can add the fix to your via ICQ
| EFT-Clan