~ Fightnight No.1 ~

28.11.2008 : 09:42

From saturday the 6th december 12 o'clock am (UTC+1) till sunday the 7th december 12 o'clock am (UTC+1) occures the first event in our FightNight series on our Psycho (etpub).


ET: "" (
TS: "" (
Mumble: "" (

Fight with and against |bTc|, your friends and other players. Dispute for your team and your XP to become the "psycho". The three players with the highest experience points (XP) win fancy prizes.


First place:

welcome message on |bTc| server connect, t-shirt, package coffee, surprise egg

Second place:

t-shirt, surprise egg

Third place:

Members of |bTc| can't win. No bots! Well selected maps!