ET-Minimod: Winterkrieg (Final)

23.11.2008 : 19:37
If you ever wanted to play ET in ice and snow, here's your chance.
Every map is changed to a snowy scenario (Fueldump and Railgun are reworked). The playerskins are as real as even possible for me, Axis wear snow- and spring/fall-camouflage, the Allies got trenchcoats in dark colours.
Furthermore I included teamspecific weaponskins and command posts, new flags, nUllSkillZ' V6-Voicechat-Icons and a bit more to make this mod a good one.

--> Winterkrieg (Final)

If you don't like the new style of Fueldump and Railgun, I made an additonal pk3 which switches the maps back to their original style.

Other snow-maps are not affected by using this mod!