ET-Tool: ETUL 23.10.08

12.11.2008 : 15:44
As you can see, its a Toolbar. There is also a tray menu if you want to disable the toolbar. Don't worry, this program is very light (6 MB in RAM mermory; 0.5 MB on hard-disk!), it let your CPU and your connection quiet (no CPU and no bandwidth usage)!
  • "Anias spirit": no registery interaction, no system or game modification! (I hate heavy programs, lighter is better)
  • you want to remove ETUL? Just throw it in the bin!

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETUL 23.10.08''
--> Anias Website
--> AutoHotkey
This tool uses Autohotkey programation language, so at first install, ETUL will ask you to install it. Autohotkey is clean, safe and light (not as the Netframework thing).


  • New intergrated Patch-Selector. It will be downloaded automatically during the first launch of Scrim-Launcher. In this way, you will not have to download it each ETUL updates. It is a patch selector 2.6b/2.55 only, and will be installed in the game folder, in a directory "ETUL patchselector." This patch selector won't come into conflict with others patchselectors that you have already installed, so no worries.
  • Consequently, the configuration of ETUL is simplified (no adjustment for the patch selector).
  • nicer downloading interface for next updates and for the patch-selector auto-download.
  • The scrim-Launcher closes automatically once a game launched.
  • If a game is already running, Scrim-Launcher will not launch a second game (which caused a kick of the game). A message will tell you that a game is already in progress.