ET-Mod: Elitemod v1.0.1

08.11.2008 : 20:19
Elitemod is a mod “on top” of etpub 0.8.1 source code. It does not represent etpub officially or its community in anyway, however if it were not for etpub this mod would not be here. It has several source code changes as well as client side modifications. Most of the changes center around beginning a new class, rearranging weapons, adding AP mines and the GPG44. Elitemod uses a combination of custom, imported and contributed mods. This is a community mod and modders are free to contribute, change or improve on what ever they want. The source code of the final version will be released at some point to solicit more modding, fix bugs, and make improvements.


--> Elitemod v1.0.1

--> Elitemod: Default Uniform
--> Elitemod: Hunter Uniform

Change Log:

  • Compiled with earlier version of linux (glibc 2.3) for compatibility with servers
  • Added improved weapons card (gpg44)
  • Added GPG44 selection icons
  • Added vchat sounds for special ops
  • Adjusted MARK 3 Sten and GPG44 firing rates slightly
  • Removed pliers from Special Ops, this was deemed too much of an advantage
  • Reduced MARK 3 Sten firing rate to adjust for less heat restriction
  • Changed tripping line of AP mine to yellow
  • Made AP mines disarm-able, and added a charge-time and environment mods
  • Updated the weapon stats to not display Garand/K43 when a GPG44 is fired
  • Added the GPG44/M to engineer, and special ops class
  • Minor mod changes to Chopper, MP43 and GPG44
  • Included the default uniform pack inside the main client file
  • Fixed missing 3rd person Banzer shader
  • Bug when picking up GPG44 from ground

Special Ops

During WWII the Unites States had a special ops branch which was much like the special forces of today. These were men who dressed according to the occasion ranging from civilian cloths to full combat gear. They were mission oriented and had a broad range of talents. The Reich also had a similar branch which was kept more secret and little intelligence survived the war.

In ET, the special ops is a new player class which is designed to be more fun and versatile. This is a hybrid class, useful in many ways and hell-bent on helping any way they can. They have a unique weapon called “anti-personnel mines” which can be deployed to safeguard objectives and intimidate the enemy.
In addition to the tools that traditional field ops carry, the special ops have engineering pliers to help construct objectives, a medic syringe to revive players and even heal others (if enabled) and satchel charges to destroy minor objectives.


The special ops do not carry dynamite, med-packs, or landmines. They do not possess the ability to use disguise like the covert ops. They do not use heavy weapons.

Special Ops Skill
This skill replaces the signals skill. It has been modified for use with special ops. Use of the artillery, airstrikes, AP mines, poison needles, and thrown knives increase this skill.
Health System
The health system has been changed to give health to players gradually over time and only as their various skills develop. Health no longer has anything to do with how many medics are on the team. This new system is fair to all players and rewards accomplishment.
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