ET-Skinpack: Dewpack (Final)

06.11.2008 : 09:58
Reality skinpack for No Quarter 1.2.0

This skinpack is made for run only on noquarter mod the changes are applyed only on image files without scriptwork this is a tga full quality skinpack all changes are made in high definition with paint shop pro x2 without added compression.


--> Dewpack (Final)


  • added skins without class-symbols
  • added legs with fixed color U.S.Army brown (aligned to the officercap)
  • added helmets without class-symbols
  • added realistic skins for Thompson and Garand M1


  • added realistic detail for all greatcoat skins
  • added helmets with decals
  • added legs with fixed boots aligned to the guised version
  • added earlier M36 greatcoat skin for the soldier
  • added realistic Wehrmacht skin for the medic
  • added officer skin for the fieldops
  • added fixed color skin for the engineer aligned to the cvops
  • added Heer Army insigna for the cvops cap
  • added realistic skin for the Mauser rifle


  • improved hud icons
  • realistic landmine markers

Thanks to:

  • Berzerkr (GER) for the allied body skins
  • Dr.EViL for the axis soldier original skin
  • Hort21 for the allied cvops skin
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