QW-Mod: Dusk (Alpha 7)

28.10.2008 : 19:49
A 'Zombie Mod' - Few vs Many, with one-to-a-few GDF forced to scavenge for weapons and ammo, while the many Strogg roam at will, but are limited to melee.


--> Dusk (Alpha 7)


Strogg side are limited to melee spike. Strogg bots roam the level randomly. GDF spawn only with pistols and must scavenge the level for pickups - weapons/ammo/supply pack(health/repair) and fuel cell. There is a severely damaged vehicle that must be repaired in order to reach the escape area.
The engineers repair pliers now run off a repair pool, to fill this up use a supply pack. GDF do still have respawns, but since they drop all their weapons/packs, spawn back from where they want to be and they are running against the clock, it's a setback they should avoid.Community Enemy Territory