ET-Map: Adlerhorst TE (Final)

10.10.2008 : 13:10

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The Allies are attacking the Adlerhorst and must escort their Sherman M4A3 Tank as it blasts through the defenses. The Axis can disable and delay the Tank with Panzerfausts, grenades, mines or explosives.

Changes from Final to Tournament Edition:

  • Opened the balcony at the Adlerhorst (many players requested that).
  • Added an additional escape path for allies over the rocks. Have fun Rambo-Medics!
  • Added a bunker for Axis that should allow them to keep the bridge longer.
  • The hill above the spawn can be used for sniping now.
  • Added a hunting stand for Allies and Axis.
  • The hut at the yard in front of the Adlerhorst should give Allies more cover.
  • Changed the German MG42 at the Sherman to a Browning (little mistake as the tank script is based on Goldrush).
  • r_speeds got higher due to opening the balcony and removing some vis blocking.

Important note:

The map runs fine with default hunkmeg (memory) settings with 48-56 players. For more players please set higher hunkmegs by entering the following in the console: "set com_hunkmegs 128". This is especially recommended for server admins.
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