ET-Map: Streets of Italy (FP2)

21.09.2008 : 23:12

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Allies: Navigate your way around the Italian city and get that gold from the hands of the Axis.

Axis: Prevent the Allies from stealing the gold. Damage their vehicle, don't let them destroy our barriers!


  • custom escortable vehicle (Willy Jeep)
  • over 170 new custom textures
  • over 50 new custom sounds
  • custom sky
  • chickens!
  • nicely made map with unique atmosphere


  • Fixed dynamite issues
  • Fixed looping sounds
  • Fixed Jeep clipping
  • Fixed wallhacking in the tower
  • Fixed some light leaks
  • Fixed mortar issues
  • Fixed Mercedes glass transparency
  • Fixed black lines on the sky
  • Added Jeep stops few meters before barriers, to prevent repairing instead of arming dynamite
  • Added Command Post is a additional spawn for both teams
  • Added Jeep stops in the middle of tunnel, and is awaiting gold there
  • Added cracked wall in tower can be destroyed with satchel/dynamite
  • Added some roofs are unclipped now
  • Added Health/Ammo cabinets near Market Square
  • Added MG42 near CP
  • Added primary Axis house is bigger, and they spawn more inside to prevent SK
  • Added ladder to the roofs
  • Added constructable ladder to the balcony (for Allies)
  • Added fixed some brush problems...

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