ET-Mod: Elitemod (Beta 2)

21.09.2008 : 15:05
Essentially it replaces the field ops class and adds a new class called “special ops”. This class can do everything a field ops can…and has a few tools and weapons from other classes. They will be able to pick up heavy weapons if found in the field (in-progress). The special ops carries a modded version of the trip-mine called “booby-trap”. There is a new version of the sten (MARK 3) which is the nomenclature of the updated model; it includes both skin and minor source code changes. There are a few other small improvements and changes in this mod.


--> Elitemod (Beta 2)


  • Compatible with 2.55/2.60b under win32/Linux
  • Changed the signals skill to 'specops skill' , and use of tripmines, thrown knives, mortar, and airstrikes contribute to this skill
  • I separated the specops uniform mod, so server owners can use what ever mod they want, or just use default uniforms
  • Real-world (unsuppressed) Sten Mark 3 sound
Planned for Elitemod Final / Version 1:
  • Soldier Class: will attempt to add the BAR rifle. If that don’t work out, a grenade rifle and mark 3 sten will be added to soldier’s selection. The mark 3 is no longer a suppressed smg, hence the better heat tolerance and louder firing sound.
  • Medic Class: Should medics have only light weapons and same HP? Forums decide.
  • Will add a selection of separate uniform packs of specialops for server owners to choose. In WWII there was no one-particular special ops uniform and it depended on the mission.
  • Tripmines: I am going a slightly different direction with the mines. I am going to make them smaller, with lower profile tripping line, significantly less damage and must be used at close range. The goal is to have people use them strategically instead of all over map. They will be called “light mines” and give skill points to both light weapons and specialops skill. These will be suitable for defending objectives and map exploits such as the back door on seawall battery map. At that point I will give the soldier a couple.
  • At the conclusion of this beta, the Soldier and Specialops will reign superior in close combat while the “support classes” mainly provide medical, engineering and sniper cover support… as it should be.

Soldier (beefed up a bit)

  • Added smoke canisters to assist engineers and others with objectives
  • More ammo on the MG-42 and reduced the recoil so if they get caught carrying the MG they have a slightly better chance at killing them at close range
  • More grenades

Special Ops (formerly field ops)

  • New spawn weapons consist of: default rifle, sniper rifle, and mark 3 sten
  • New uniforms, including tool bags
  • Tools now include:
    • Airstrike marker
    • Ammo packs
    • Satchel charge
    • Booby-traps (formerly trip-mines), Qty. (3) on special ops, may add to covert ops soon (press 9 to use)
    • Medic syringe
    • Pliers


  • Added ammo packs to help supply players, and not put this responsibility completely on special Ops

Weapons Changes

  • MARK 3 sten fires slightly faster, doesn’t overheat until the end of the clip now, and has a faster reload, and new look
  • MG42 has been modified so that when firing while standing, the screen does not get blurry (although the bullets still fire wild and the aim is difficult)
  • Booby-traps (trip-mines) are reintroduced, however the models, texture, damage, radius, spawn amount and tripping mechanism have been modded. A sound has been added when planting these traps but it is buggy at the moment.

Other Changes

  • Increased health by 10%
  • A few miscellaneous icons and graphics changes
  • True-to-form, the rank is hidden on the special ops class
  • Minor grenade qty. changes

Goal for this mod

The goal for this mod is to simply do more with the field ops and eventually the soldier classes. It would be nice to see an alternative to the traditional game-play and strategy while keeping things WWII original and realistic as possible. Finally it would be nice to see others get involved with taking this mod to a whole new level and perhaps even make it a branch of etpub.
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