Hourences' Textures

15.09.2008 : 09:16
Hourences currently offers three free textures packs: Pitores, Kraden, and the Nature pack. The packs were primarily made for the Unreal Tournament games, for which UTX packages can be downloaded, but you can feel free to port them over to any other game and engine. There's a JPG gallery available of each pack, allowing you to preview the textures, or simply download just those images you require.

Nearly all of the textures are 1024x1024 large, and all of them tile. The packs do not include normal and specularity maps, but you may feel free to generate those yourself.

Download & Info:

--> About Hourences' Textures
--> Nature Pack
--> Kraden Pack
--> Pitores Pack

  • Nature:
    59 tiling terrain textures such as rock and sand, and some snow.

  • Kraden:
    Industrial and sci-fi pack with lots of yellow paint, steel, bricks, and a bit of cartoony look.

  • Pitores:
    More or less industrial pack with white and dark red as its prime colors. Lots of wood and brick.