ET-Map: Stonehenge KOTH (Beta 1 / Fixed 2)

15.09.2008 : 09:10
UPDATE: Molotov released a second fix wich is included into the download file.

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To win a team must be the first to hold the objective for a total of 5 minutes. Holding for less than 10 seconds does not count. Mines are disabled.

The fix is recommend for every server which have at least 24 slots/players.

The file was made because "Holding the flag for less than 10 seconds does not count".


  • the map time incrased from 10 to 15 min.
  • the respawn time incrased to 15 sec. from 10 sec.
  • the teams must hold the flag for 4 minutes instead of 5 minutes
  • If the time is over and the teams dose not finish the objective the winner team is who hold the flag
  • which team have own the flag will spawn faster (5sec instead of 10sec)
  • In the original version the timer work from 4min. to 0min. Now in the fix2 the timer count from 0min to 4min. - maybe the counter will work under NQ1.2.0
  • voice and extended text announces for the objective
  • the text announce for the axis team dosen't work at 2 minutes, fixed too

~MolotovMolotov via PM
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