ET-Map: SW Battery (Final)

06.09.2008 : 21:05

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The mighty Axis shore battery 'Siegfried' is harassing Allied shipping in the Mediterranean. The Axis must protect Siegfried from Allied attempts at sabotage.


  • Allies Beach Spawns outside of water
  • Bunker MG is now dynamitible door which leads to bunkers back
  • Axis Bunker Spawn is set back a bit
  • Axis Spawn at Commandpost until Allies built it
  • Backdoor is blowable
  • Spawntimes 30/20 seconds
  • Made some doors wider (bunkerstage)
  • fixed "wallhack" leak at backdoor
  • CP Spawn for allies
  • Maptime 12 minutes
  • removed railings
  • removed several details due to low fps
  • added 2nd way into controls bunker
  • added wooden constructible backdoor barrier
  • little hole at west bunker for axis to defend the Bunker Door
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