RtCW-Map: CTF Valley (Final)

01.07.2005 : 01:32

CTF Valley is the first map ever publiced by RedTop. It is a CTF map, based on the CTF script used in CTF Multidemo, which was made some years ago by ReyalP. However, Multidemo was nothing more then a showcase of the CTF script. The map itself was rather bland. CTF Multidemo still became rather popular because it offered fast-paced, well-balanced gameplay. It also was a really good training of aiming skills... CTF Valley offeres the same cool gameplay and training,
but adds nice surroundings and a cool layout. It is a rather resource intensive map. RTCW is almost five years old now and hardware has moved on since then. RedTop decided to design a map with good looks even though it would run with less fps then the original maps. This doesn't mean that the map is unplayable however. RedTop still manages to get a solid 76 fps with his trusty old GF4 Ti4200 and AMD 64 3200+. Clanmates with deeper pockets still play at 125 fps. The objective of the map is to demoralize the enemy by stealing their holy chalice (no kiddin'). Bring home the objective three times and your team wins. Players that bring home an objective will be instantly sacrificed and will have to respawn. This map is best played 1on1, 2on2 or 3on3. Lieutenants only, no airstrikes or artillery.
| RedTop