QW-Mod: ETQWpro Duel Mod

17.08.2008 : 13:23
The Duel mod is a mod that helps server admins to hold duel cups for etqw. This is a quick, hopefully usefull mod for etqwpro (it won't work without etqwpro). Any feedback is welcome over in the promod forums at

Download & Info:

--> QWpro Duel Mod
--> Duel Mod Wiki
Put the game005.pk4 on the server's etqwpro folder! start the server with g_usecompiledscript 0 and use like any other etqwpro version
Copy the game005.pk4 in the etqwpro folder (where the game001 - game004 pk4s are) connect to the server.
But you may want to delete, or move the game005.pk4 after the duel again, since it will force the game to restart every time you want to connect on a none duel etqwpro server!


  • 0.5 secs spawnprotection
  • only fops and oppressor have valid weapons (rest has no ammo and basically no weapons)
  • setting es_mod_ammo_cont to 0, pistol/blaster wont be available setting it to 1 pistol/blaster is available
  • Lacerator has the same setup like the assaultrifle
  • Blaster has the same setup like the Pistol
  • So those 2 weapons are basically the same...
  • Since blaster ammo is infinite, pistol has 400 shots
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