Prefabs: paZur's Shaders

15.08.2008 : 02:29
This shader is based on a texture from BerneyBoys Photorealistic Textures. I added an alpha channel and the tcGen environment of course.

--> Shiny Metal

Prevents that light is shining through doors.

--> Blocking Light

Sky shader based on a skybox shader by ydnar. It has a sun shining through the clouds and some fog. Check out the video.


--> Sky

This is a combiation of two shaders. One being a surface_portal mirror and one just for ripples in the water. This time I added a RTCW .map so u can see how to set up the two brushes with the shaders.

--> Reflection Water

This rain shader is based on deformVertexes autosprite2 that makes the rain alpha texture always face the player.

--> Rain

Source: paZur mapping