ET-TC: ETFortress 1.5 als Open Beta

23.06.2005 : 21:27

LaVaGoD berichtet auf der ETF HP, das Version 1.5 als Open Beta veröffentlicht wird.

ETF 1.5 to release as an open beta
Posted by : LaVaGoD on Thursday, June 23 2005 - 9:58 AM

ETF 1.5 Open Beta

Yes you read that right, ETF 1.5 Open Beta. We have decided to take a new approach with the game and start to release our beta builds to the public for testing. We will take the feedback we get from the community and go back with that information and fix anything that needs to be fixed and then re-release that build (this does not imply will will make any change that is suggested). We hope this will help us release better builds and bring less stress to the player for future releases.

Below is a change log for ETF 1.5 Beta

1.5 Changelog

NOTE: *** omni-bot linux requires *** : ETF will work without it, but without bot support

  • Border map added
  • Fixed assaultforts leak
  • Fixed unix needing other libraries to run servers
  • Fixed crusher doors and trains
  • Removed backpacks for civilians, no longer drop empty backpacks
  • Added g_teamFrags
  • Fixed detpack not clearing in blackhole entity
  • Sentry damage increased
  • Medic can hold 1 less gren1