RtCW2: A few details about RtCW2

12.07.2008 : 15:11
Quoted from Tiscali Games:

This month's Game Informer contains first details about id/Raven's upcoming next-gen Wolfenstein game, running on id Tech 5 engine and set to release on PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

  • Set in World War II among Nazis experimenting with occult powers once again.
  • B.J. Blazkowicz making comeback, this time also having supernatural powers of his own.
  • Set in one large city, which will open itself up as you progress through given missions and quests.
  • Randomly generated content blocking your path at times.
  • AI controlled local resistance, assisting you in fight at times.
  • An alternative reality called "The Shroud", some sort of a parallel dimension fueling Nazi powers.
Wolfenstein is set to hit PC, Xbox360 and PS3 "when it's done".

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein | Tiscali Games