ETpro Mapscripts with Arti Roof

02.07.2008 : 14:29
WhooSaaa made a few mapscripts to prevent Trickjumping. Including Anti Spawnkill Roofs.


--> Mapscripts with Arti Roof


Supplydepot 2:

  • fixed Spawnroutine
  • also Allied cp autospawn-routine enabled
  • arti roof over allied spawn points
  • missile clip infront of bunker exit. (if someone thinks pf spawnkill is funny)
  • for doublejump servers the rocks aroud depot are clipped. No DJ into depot
Fixed grenade jump to the roof if FF is deactivated to prevent allieds to get to the onjective over the roof.
Arti roof over spawn for allieds and axis.
Arti roofs over allied and axis spawn
Snatch 3:
Arti roof over allied and axis spawn
Caen 2:
Arti roof over allied and axis spawn
MLB Daybreak:
  • Artiroof in rocketbase
  • Clip to prevent DJ into base to get the objective
  • Clip to prevent DJ over water to bypass the teamdoor
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