ET-Map: Radar Summer 1.3.0

26.06.2008 : 19:26

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The Allies are attempting to sabotage components of the new Würzburg radar! Don't let them steal the radar components and destroy the radar stations!

Including Texture Fix.

v1.3.0 Changes:

  • New passage from bunker to main radar compound. Need to blow generator to open the door.
  • All 4 objs needed for allied win.
Changes from Radar:
  • It's bright and sunny
  • You can see to the horizon
  • You can reach many places previously inaccessible
  • 2 additional primary objectives created for allies:
    • destroy north radar station
    • destroy south radar station
  • Tank in garage is repairable by axis and can be escorted up the road to an advantageous defensive position

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