ET-TC: TCE: A Short News Update

23.06.2005 : 21:09

LordOfKaos berichtet auf der TCE HP von den Fortschritten in der Modentwicklung.
Es gibt einige neue Mapscreenshots und ein kurzes Movie von den Animationsarbeiten.

A Short News Update 6/22/2005 - 10 PM CET

It’s that time again. Most of the work being done is a continuation of the previous work posted. The completion of bahamut is in sight as the mission script needs to be written and tested whilst Airon works his magic on the sound and then a huge whopping compile by Jace. Currently Airon is working hard on the sounds making them sound amazing in all their 44KHz glory (yes that means you need ET2.60 to hear these)

We are striving for TC:E to look, play and feel real and to endorse that a lot of our mappers, skinners and modellers are taking hi-res pictures for both weapon, map and accessory textures/skins. Obviously when you get TC:E you’ll be able to use all these new textures for your own maps.

Here’s just an extract from one of coroner's recent changelogs:

  • improved hitboxes for crouching
  • improved head hitbox for lean (fixes misaligned left lean head hitbox and more)
  • improved head hitbox when player has pistol
  • converted most 22k sounds to 44k using a harmonic reconstruction of the spectrum
  • upsampled <11k bandlimited (voice) sounds to 44k
Oh and did I forget mention HERE is a short preliminary movie of some animation work being done.

G6/TeamTerminator Development Team

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