ET-Map: El Kef (Final + Scriptfix)

02.10.2005 : 19:19

El Kef is a city taken over by the Allied forces in order backup and cover the Tunisian coast. An axis squad is sent over to El Kef to rob a radio transmitter so Axis forces can receive the crypted messages of Allied defense points. The map is split in 2 main sections: A first section where the aim is to rush for a forward spawn flag and destroy a main entrance gate. This section is similar to the first part of oasis because the flag and objective are close and a team door allows an attacking team
covert ops to open a direct access to the final objective. A second section where the aim is to steal an objective and return it to a truck. There are several ways of reaching this objective, and an important one is a command post which provides an advanced spawn for the team that sets it up.

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