ET-Mod: ''W:ET Goldrush: Back into history!''

08.06.2008 : 08:15
Many RtCW players probably still remember: BaniMod. This mod released the well played game mode goldrush. The Goal? Crush your enemy and 'cash' the gold dropped by killed enemies at one of the many flags. Unfortunately this mod was never released for Enemy territory...

Dreaming about those times -|FG|-Martijn and [fP]Kennie** decided to combine their knowlegde. After a while of hard work the first playable version was developed. Altough et_ice (ET version of mp_ice) isn't ready yet, you still experience that good old-time feeling!

Thanks to the great co-operation between Flame Guards and fatal Punishers you can get that good old-time feeling back! At the moment we are running 2 Goldrush servers:

[FG] #Goldrush // // 38 slots

[fP]Goldy // // 18 slots

About Flame Guards:

The Flame Guards Community is a Enemy Territory community with their own servers. Founded in September 2005 with nowadays more then 100 members. With NoQuarter, ETPub, ETPro and the exclusive East Front mod running Flame Guards is one of the leading Enemy territory community's at this moment.

About the fatal Punishers:

The fatal Punishers clan is a fun Enemy Territory clan founded in March 2003 by a small group of gamers on the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, at which they were unstoppable playing the goldrush gametype on Banimod. [fP] have also played many other games like the CoD series, but still keeps loyal to RtCW/Goldrush.

More info?

If you are interested, quickly join one of the servers, IRC or visit our website.

IRC: @
WolfMap IRC / Thanks to aLca for reporting!