ET-Soundpacks: RtCW & Fun Soundpack

27.05.2008 : 22:02
We, the Nuremberg Clan, would like to share our newest soundpack with the whole ET community. It countains approximately 50 sounds in only 5.8MB from the original RtCW Single Player part, including the mighty villain Heinrich and of course Helga. The soundpack is kept small on purpose and has a nice size of only 4.8MB.

We would also like to share our fun-soundpack with all of you. It contains over 100 sounds, including added welcome and good-bye sounds. A thank you goes to the to me unknown soundpack-maker for two of the three included 30-second-ending sounds.

Lots of fun during your battles, from the Nuremberg Clan!


--> Nuremberg RtCW Soundpack
--> Nuremberg Fun Soundpack