ET-Coverage: wieder online

19.04.2005 : 21:29

Die Seite rund um ETTV-Übertragungen,, ist nach einer Überarbeitung wieder online.


Welcome to the new (and improved) Alongside a host of new features, the site now boasts a cleaner, friendlier interface that makes grabbing the ET coverage you need simple. Matches from some of the scene's biggest ladders and cups are frequently added, giving an impressive list of ETTV servers for your enjoyment. Links to such community sites as and eyeon-eSports have been setup to ensure you are never out of the loop.

While the core of the improvement in the site isnt directly noticeable, frequent users will see vast increases in efficiency. Matches are not only displayed to view on the website, but upcoming broadcasts are delivered to many top community sites for ultimate coverage.

For most of you, is a familiar site. For those of you who have yet to bathe in enjoyment that is ETTV, prepare to be amazed.

Enjoy the new site! Dont forget that updates will appear first on our Quakenet channel