ET-Map: Ocean Sniper NP (Final)

25.05.2008 : 20:06

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Two Boats stranded in the middle of the ocean. On board the only survivors were Snipers. When you get boared or when you are on your own, you can always shoot some ducks or hawks as a target practice. This map is specially made for the sniper community on ET. Because it's a growing thing. Have lots of fun with this map.

Map features:

  • The drinks machines work and give health.
  • Helicopters don't fly but the rotors move with sound.
  • There is a big Fog horn in the control room of the boat.
  • Nice sounds added when you jump of the 2 high flag poles into the water.
  • Some ducks and hawks were added for target practice.
| [UJE]Clan