ET-Minimod: Mortar Flametrails

20.05.2008 : 19:55
I added the wilsflame to the mortar shell to see how it would look on dark maps like radar, and it looks not to bad, really highlights the mortar. Sort of making it appear to be some kind of mini rocket. ~RayBan


--> Mortar Flametrails
--> RayBan's Wolf:ET Page
Three different versions:
  • z_mortar_flametrail.pk3
    plain flame trail

  • z_mortar_flametrail_rt.pk3
    flame trail with added rocket smoke trail

  • z_mortar_flametrail_pt.pk3
    flame trail with added pyro smoke trail, red or blue depending on team
So, you admins have a choice, but the _rt version looks nice with it's black smoke trail and the _pt version might be to much, but it looks better.SplashDamage