ET-Song: ET Forever (english)

15.05.2008 : 15:51
Chris aka {free}m3lAn!3 (named after his daughter) made not one, no, two new Heavy metal songs about the best game in the world!


--> ET Forever
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ET Forever (english version):
The best game in the world
is ET, which I like so much
I enjoy to play this game
other games are really lame

Once I tried to play another game
but I left to be a winner
for this reason I play only ET
so other games I just turn around and walk away

I play No Quarter, Jaymod and Pro, too
Many mods exist, this makes me shout "Yahoo!"
I play medic and engineer
while gaming I drink a bottle of beer

My mouse begins to glow
I play until I'm done
My rating begins to grow
I quit, the end has come

I play ET now for five years
and never will I tire
I hope ET will last forever
we will game always, XP getting higher

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