QW-Tool: HOC ET:QW Benchmark

26.04.2008 : 14:46
A benchmark for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars by HardwareOC.

Download & Info:

--> HOC ET:QW Benchmark
System requirements:
  • 32/64 bit Windows XP / VISTA
  • The latest drivers for your graphics card
  • The official v1.4 patch
  • Change the resolution from 800×600 up to 2048×1536 (in 9 steps).
  • HD WideScreen resolutions (1280×768, 1920×1080, 1920×1200) support.
  • Custom resolutions support.
  • Four built-in demo.
  • Tweaked Very High graphic option.
  • Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering support.
All HOCBench program are distributed as Free, but you need a simple registration to the full use. That means, you can install and try it immediately, but you can't change the filters and the demos. The registering is FREE just send me a simple email and you get back my answer within 24 hour. This email containing your personal registration info for ALL HOCBench program.