ET:Revaluation - Axis 'Sturmtruppe v2'

17.04.2008 : 20:23

One day after I released the first version of this skinpack, I spotted a glitch with the guised bodys. Also made with |WF|Doofy a few changes wich make the skinpack looking better than before.

Download & Info:

--> Download "Sturmtruppe v2"
--> Screenshots "Sturmtruppe v2"
  • Two versions (animated & solid)
  • New gas mask for the soldier
  • Headset for the field ops
  • Camouflaged helmet for the covert ops
  • Fixed guised body skins
  • Transparent glasses of the gasmask
  • Including a lot of fitting accoutrement
  • Very good to differ without class symbols
  • Small rank-symbols on the helmets
  • Gloves for the Axis
  • If a covert takes an enemy uniform, the dead body will loose his gloves, has fitting underwear, boots and another uniform if the trenchcoat or smock is taken away.