QW-Mod: ETQWpro v0.5

15.04.2008 : 14:18
"Im very pleased to announce that the ETQWPro version is now live on our update servers and will get installed as soon as you start ETQWPro 0.4 the next time.

No, its not that easy but there is indeed some great change in the whole mod. While I was focusing on the whole GFX stuff to get you guys as much FPS as possible, I had blaze to work on the restrictions and NA / EU compatibility."

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.5''
--> ETQWpro Website
--> ETQWpro Wiki
--> Public server for testing:
New Features: Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug when selfkilling in a medium vehicle, the other medium vehicle stays locked!
  • Fixed the issue that you couldnt move backwards while having sprint key pressed with es_sprintstyle 1
  • Fixed the Fast unscope (lean) bug. You can now do all fancy stuff @ lean, but not shoot!
  • Cvar renames for Badger -> Armadillo, Goliath -> Cyclops, Hornet -> Tormentor
  • Fixed that weapons got applied the wrong spread issue
New/changed Cvars:
  • Reamed all cvars to es_ for server cvars, and ec_ for client side cvars
  • Added es_maxMines - defaults to -1, set to the max number of mines you want to allow for a team.
  • Added es_allowCrosshair3rdPerson - defaults to disabled, set to 1 for a crosshair in 3rd person view
  • Added es_allowRadar - defaults to disabled, set to 1 if you want to allow radar
New/changed Commands:
  • Breaking news: we can use the horn under water!
  • Reworked the weapon spread (its slightly more accurate, and we support the compmod spread now as es_aimstyle 2)
  • speclock - lock your team from spectators
  • specunlock - unlock your team from spectators
  • specinvite - invite a player to spec your team
  • specuninvite - remove a player from the invite List
  • players - show all players and their IDs
  • freecam - gets into ct3d Freecam Mode
  • setFreecamPos - sets a ct3d Camera position
  • getFreecamPos - gets a ct3d Camera position
  • startTvAdmin - start the TV Admin
  • stopTvAdmin - stop the TV Admin
  • Made g_noTVChat also clientside available
  • Added viewers command to get see who is spectating with you!
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