ET & QW: MAXBrowse 1.2

02.04.2008 : 23:45
The latest version of MAXBrowse is now available for download. For those who haven't tried MAXBrowse before, it is a server browser created with the aim to be as easy to use, and without adding unnecessary baggage. This version adds support for some Q3 engine games - Q3, ET, and Warsow, as well as the latest D3-engine game, ETQW.

There are also some requested feature additions, such as minimise to systray, improved accuracy of pings. For full details, check the changelog.

Note that the TV filter now works for those games which support TV servers (ETQW, ET, Warsow, Q3 and Q4), but that for Q3 and Warsow the TV's don't report to the master server, so you have to add the IPs in manually.


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