RtCW-TC: DeGeneration 1.1 am Freitag!

09.06.2005 : 19:34

Tram Design hat die Veröffentlichung der Total Conversion für RtCW auf den morgigen Tag festgelegt.
Im Anschluß der Changelog:

  • Full MAC support
  • Wolfkick feature added allowing players to kick
  • Snooper accuracy tweaked
  • Tesla gun damage tweaked and effects added
  • FG42 damage tweaked
  • Greet feature added allowing players to salute
  • Expanded life statistics to show killer, top 3 attackers and more
  • Life stats is now key bindable like weapon stats
  • Added multiple server cvars for client control
  • Added team deathmatch specific suport to deathmatch maps
  • Damage to objects during warmup
  • Hitsounds added for Deathmatch and MP modes
  • Added deathmatch weapon autoswitch with conditions
  • See enemy/teammate's names in whatever color you choose
  • Fixed terrain texture scaling issue in Normandy
  • Fixed dg_aztek missing textures
  • Admins can now scale effects weapons have on player speed
  • Added logging entries for MG42, buildables, spawning, etc