ET:Revaluation - Fixes Only! v1

24.02.2008 : 19:35

This mod fixes only a lot of bugs for stock ET and a few custom maps.
Only fixes are included, no additional stuff!
The "Fixes Only!" version of ET:R will not proper work together with custom playerskinpacks!

Download & Info:

--> ET:R Fixes Only! v1
--> ET:R Fixes Only! Website

List of the fixes:

  • Allied engineer body
  • Allied covertops body
  • Axis engineer body
  • Axis medic pant
  • Axis helmet inside
  • Axis have now gloves
  • Guised bodys have fitting legs and the axis fitting bodyskins
  • Added the missing texture for the secret documents
  • Added the lights.pk3 to fix missing textures on some custom maps
  • Added palms who are sometimes forgotten by mappers
  • Added several models for fixing a few custom maps
  • Fixed model for the axis open command post
  • Fixed Jagdpanter temperate in color
  • Fixed the tank additions
  • Fixed Opel Blitz
  • Fixed heavy_door in color
  • And a bit more...