ET-Stuff: Encoded Maps

26.01.2008 : 16:36
I would like to submit the community a small package I have prepared for my clan and teammate... Have you ever thinked about how difficult is sometimes explaining your teammates where you are or where they should go? ok you have the limbo, but it's dangerous to call it while you're running in the middle of a battle, you have command map, but that's really too small sometimes.... so... I thought.. why not having a printable copy of the limbo maps , completed with an encoded grid like in chess games, with all the most important info's like spawnpoint, tanks, bridges etc...? because no one has done it.. up to now.. So try this package of pdf maps and tell me what do you think about it! ~mauix


--> Encoded Maps
Maps included in the package:
Supply depot, Siwa Oasis, Saberpeak, Radar, Mlb Temple, Warbell, Venice b4, Transmitter, Tramfight, Dubrovnik final, Cathedral final, Castle Attack, Braundorf, baserace, axis lab final, Eagles 2 way, caen 2, 1944 beach, Goldrush GA