TCE-Patch: DutchFix 1.4

17.01.2008 : 17:52

Team Neelix wrote a BugFix for the Enemy Territory Mod 'True Combat: Elite' (T:CE). The fix solves a problem with certain Client Commands, which Nuke the Gameserver and kick all Players.
I recommend all TCE Admins to install DutchFix 1.4 to protect your TCE Server against those Nuke attacks.
The Other Fix in DutchFix 1.4 solves a Nade Exploit to get rid of massive Nades cheaters.


--> DutchFix 1.4
You have to install QMM:
--> QMM: Q3 MultiMod
Dokumentation & Installation of QMM:
--> Dokumentation
--> Installation
Download of QMM:
--> Download QMM
Please check the GoNe Forum for updates!apologet via PM