ET-Map: British Bulldog 1.6.0

04.12.2007 : 19:01

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The entire action centres on the race to deliver 6 gold crates into your team's vaults. Engineers are not necessary: there are no dynamitable objectives and nothing to build.

This is a manic romp and not to be taken seriously :)

Gold Crates:
Grab each of your 6 gold crates one at a time and deliver them to the vault. Allied crates from the East cages must go into the West vault, and vice-versa. Similarly for the Axis crates in the North cages to the South vault and vice-versa. Arrows shown in team colours (Allies=blue Axis=red) guide the way for the current objective.

There are four flag poles. They are NOT forward spawn points: instead they function like a Command Post. Each flag captured improves your team's Charge speed:

0 flags = no bonus
1 flag = small bonus
2 flags = better bonus, plus CovOp landmine warnings are transmitted
3 flags = good bonus
4 flags = great bonus

Stars will drop to the ground from time to time. Grab them before they disappear to be granted power-ups and bonuses. Notable powerups are:

Expressway: This provides a launch pad from the spawn point to the opposite side of the map. Handy when the next objective is over there.
Sleigh pad: This provides a jump pad (located at the snowman) up to the flying sleigh. The pad operates only when the sleigh is overhead. When ridden, the sleigh will launch dual panzer strikes at the enemy
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