ET-Map: Operation Chariot 1.2.0

25.10.2007 : 20:11
Corrects the mistake which made the carried obj icon visible through walls. I quite liked the effect but it confused and annoyed some players.

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In 1942 the greatest threat to allied shipping was the mighty German battleship, Tirpitz. Her vast size meant that the only dock on the Atlantic seaboard that could accommodate her was at St. Nazaire.

So Operation Chariot was born, it's mission to blow up the dock and neutralize the threat of the Tirpitz.

The game commences with the allies having rammed the south gate with the destroyer HMS Campbeltown. They must now attempt to destroy as many of the 6 main dockyard facilities as possible.

There are 6 objectives to destroy, with victory being achieved to differing degrees at game end:

  • 0-1 objectives destroyed DECISIVE Axis victory
  • 2 objectives destroyed Major Axis victory
  • 3 objectives destroyed Marginal Axis victory
  • 4 objectives destroyed Marginal Allied victory
  • 5 objectives destroyed Major Allied victory
  • 6 objectives destroyed DECISIVE Allied victory
The map is very open and the allies can attack the objectives in any order - however, for the sake of gameplay, they don't have it all their own way.

The Allies must deliver a demolition charge, taken from the ship's hold, to any objective before it can be dynamited and destroyed. Two demolition charges are initially available, and when the first two objectives have been destroyed another two demolition charges are made available in the ship's hold. When the fourth objective has been destroyed, the final two charges become available.

This allows the allies to choose their targets, but limits them to attacking up to two at a time.

In addition, the axis have two barracks for their spawning. One is near 3 objectives and the second near the other 3 objectives. Axis players always spawn in the South Barracks, but have a passage that links the two barracks instantaneously - that is, an axis player at the South Barracks can move immediately (teleport) to the East Barracks and vice versa.

This is like having a choice of 2 spawn points, but without the bother of selecting them on the command map.

To guide axis players to the objectives under threat, there are ingame command maps in each Barracks. Indicators on these maps show which objectives are under attack, and which ones are especially in danger because demolition charges have been placed.

By checking this map on spawning, axis players can take themselves immediately to the action.Enemy Territory Stuff
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