QW-Tool: ETQW Admin 1.0

01.10.2007 : 17:17
ETQWAdmin was created to tail an ETQW log file and act on it, similar to how etadmin_mod does to ET. This project is in no way associated with etadmin_mod, besides some basic spiritual guidance (The concepts, no code). The idea is that the core program will tail the log file, parse the data, and pass info to whatever plugins are loaded.

Download & Info:

--> ETQW Admin 1.0
--> ETQW Admin Website
Components so far:
  • All components:
    • External Config Files - Run same codebase with different configs (for different servers).

  • ETQWAdmin:
    • Plugin architecture to quickly and easily add features and functions
    • Tails log file, messaging the lines via regexps.
    • Sends messaged data/formatted information to plugins via common interface.

  • Plugins:
    • tcpd
    • rcon

  • ETQWAdmin-IRC-Bot:
    • Nicely displays server chat, connects/disconnects of humans, map changes
    • IRC users can run !players to get a list of players and count of bots (if any)
    • IRC users can chat to the ETQW Server with "::message".

  • Add User Script:
    • Passwords are kept in sha1, so this script (in extras/) will help
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