ET:QW Patch 1.1

28.09.2007 : 00:16
Rechtzeitig zum Europäischen Start von ET:QW steht schon das Update 1.1 für die Spieler bereit. Wer Probleme hat den Patch mit der Auto-Update Funktion zu bekommen, kann sich das File bei uns herunterladen.

Download & Info:

--> ET:QW Patch 1.1
  • Updated Linux client compatibility
  • Fixed performance drop of soft particles on some graphics cards
  • Removed XP award for destroying newly spawned vehicles (spawn camping)
  • Improved bot control of the GDF Titan Tank
  • Fixed dedicated LAN server administrators reverting to default group on map change
  • Fixed players occasionally not being able to change the mission they are on
  • Server Launcher now clears the map rotation when changing game mode
  • Fixed localized clients reverting to unlocalized if player starts a lite server on the same PC
  • Fixed image pure check (anti-cheating) erroneously failing for MegaTextures
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