ET-Bot: AIMod-Mini (Beta 0.7)

29.05.2005 : 04:05
AIMod is a mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory designed to add complete bot support for players to practice and for administrators to make sure there is always something to do on their server.
Currently the bot support is well on the way to completion. Engineers are fully functional, Field Ops will give ammo, Medics will revive and heal players, and snipers will snipe. Covert Ops will also use satchel charges.
Please don't expect too much documentation as yet as this mod is still in very early beta test stages. -Unique1

-[ Download ''AIMod-Mini (Beta 0.7)'' ]-

Support has been done for ALL THE ORIGINAL MAPS plus the following maps so far...
et_beach, et_depot, et_ice, et_village, marketgarden_et, mp_beach & stalingrad
... many more will be completed soon!


  • Bot code totally re-written from scratch in the new ET 2.60 SDK.
  • Bot CPU usage is now adjustable in the ingame AI Options menu.
  • NPC Support added (bots that do not use up a player slot). -- NOTE: Work in progress.
  • Bot waypoint files now have a different format. Old node files are no longer compatable.
  • New single player and Cooperative gametypes against NPCs.
  • Linux is now supported.
  • Weapon Aiming is now supported. You can bind a key in controls. (default is middle mouse button)
  • Many other misc additions.