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Autor: Motorhead Verfasst am 29. 06. 2021
ETL: Adlernest

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

ETL: Adlernest v.1

This is the first remake of the popular Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map, Adlernest, by the ET: Legacy Team. The original map was created by Dersaidin.


After successfully intercepting the shipment from the supply depot, the Allies continue their efforts with the infiltration of a larger storage facility in the remote mountains. According to OSA intel, this facility houses confidential documents that will prove invaluable to the future war effort.

The Axis troops cannot allow this storage facility to be compromised as it would further weaken the operability of the Northern Atlantic submarine fleet, which is the last bulwark against an Allied naval invasion.


Download the new release HERE

Source - ModDB - Kemon