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Autor: StoerFaktoR Verfasst am 26. 09. 2016
RtCW Venom Mod Gold v4.8.5


New Version of Rtcw Venom Mod Released - Version 4.8.5!

HellBaron89 has released a new version of his mod called Rtcw Venom Mod! This new version fixes some bugs and adds new features.
All changes in description, instructions for installation and further informations in readme file.

Released Venom mod 4.8.5, includes:
- New HQ console.
- General revision and some improved textures.
- Green visor for Snooper rifle.
- Fixed glasses and water surfaces.
- Added unused textures from beta RTCW.

That's all for this update. Thanks for your interest.

Sources: rtcw4everronboyproductions | moddb.com/rtcw-venom-mod

Download the mod HERE (moddb.com)