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Autor: schnoog Verfasst am 18. 02. 2011
1000 starts !!!!
Wooow, that`s impressiv to me:
We started to offering testserver to you an 16th december.
It was nothing more than a fast idea.

Now, 61 day later, our server were started the 1000th time!

a short statistic:
217 different maps runned
the most prefered mod is
ETPro with 361 runs
followed by
NoQuarter with 194 runs.
3. 149 ETNam
4. 143 ETMain
5. 119 Jaymod

Another 34 starts got our Trickjump-testserver.

Thank you all for the chance you gave Wolffiles!

This show me, all the work (and of course money) we invested in this project is not wasted.