tuesday 01. 12. 2020 - 16:08 Uhr - RtCW Into the Eagles Nest

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

RtCW Into the Eagles Nest

This is a remake, created by Kurtis, of the first Return to Castle Wolfenstein DOS game, which was released in 1987.

The goal is to find the elevator pass, activate the detonator and enter the elevator. The .map files are included in the download if you want to improve the maps.


- Start from menu
- Better lightning
- 3 new maps
- New textures


Dowload the new version HERE

Source - ModDB - Vicpas


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Monday 23. 11. 2020 - 15:32 Uhr - Happy Birthday Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

Happy Birthday Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

RtCW is now 19 years old!

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first-person shooter video game published by Activision, released on November 19, 2001 for Microsoft Windows and subsequently for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Linux and Macintosh. The game serves as both a remake and a reboot to the Wolfenstein series. It was developed by Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software developed its multiplayer mode. id Software, the creators of Wolfenstein 3D, oversaw the development and were credited as executive producers.

The multiplayer side eventually became the most popular part of the game, and was influential in the genre. Splash Damage created some of the maps for the Game of the Year edition. A sequel, titled Wolfenstein, was released on August 18, 2009.

Source - Wolfenstein4ever - Dexter

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Thursday 22. 10. 2020 - 13:52 Uhr - RealRtCW 3.1

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RealRtCW 3.1 =

This is the latest version of the classic Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification, RealRtCW, created by Wolfetplayer. This new version is also available on the Steam platform. A brand new map pack addon is also available with this release.

What's new?:
Subtitles support (BETA)
Steam Workshop integration (Steam version only)
Removed GOG support (Steam version only)
UI overhaul (main menu+in-game menu)
Venom Mod graphical improvements integrated
New icon
New training level
New MP34 model
New skins for M1 Garand, MP40, G43
New tripod model
g_jumptime added for strafejumping (1-off, 0-on)
Soundtracks from console versions added
Blackguards now using vanilla skins (upscaled)
autoexec added
W3D secret level added as alternate changelevel for W3D E1M1


Download the new version HERE

Download the new map pack addon HERE

Do you own a Steam version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein? Visit HERE

Source - ModDB - Wolfetplayer

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