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= RtCW RealSaboteur =

This is a very modern and updated version of the superb 'RtCW SP' adventure, 'RtCW Saboteur'. It's been created by Vicpas and RDigital for the hugely popular mod, 'RealRtCW' and you therefore need this mod in order to enjoy this new singleplayer mission.


You're an Allied Secret Service Agent who's been tasked with infiltrating an Axis Complex which houses the latest and most deadly version of the famous V2 Rocket created so far. You must find a way into this secret base, locate the rocket and destroy it before it's launched against Allied military targets.


Mission levels:

1. Normandy
2. Seabase
3. Techicalbunker
4. Support
5. UnderBase
6. UnderBase2
7. SecretWeapon
8. SecretWeapon2
9. EndMission

Download the new mission HERE

Download RealRtCW HERE

Source - ModDB - Vicpas

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